On the line

From the Rogers camp:

State House District 45 candidate Lt. Col. Courtney Rogers (Ret.)  demanded today that Rep. Debra Maggart immediately apologize for violating her privacy and subjecting her children to threatening and harassing phone calls.  “Lying about my family in numerous radio and TV ads is bad enough, but sending out emails to hundreds of people asking them to call my unlisted home telephone number to complain about my supposed lying about her is over the line.  We have already been forced to call the Goodlettsville police after a threatening call last night.  I call on Rep. Maggart to identify one lie I have told about her.  Our campaign has already identified numerous lies she has told about me and my family,” said Rogers.
Yesterday, Maggart released an email asking her supporters to call Rogers unlisted home number, citing it as her “Campaign Headquarters” and complain to Rogers about her alleged comments about Maggart’s support of the 2nd Amendment being similar to Barack Obama’s.  “I think she has her opponents confused,” said Campaign Manager Jeff Hartline.  “The people saying that about Maggart are the 100,000 members of the NRA in Tennessee through their political entity NRA-ILA.  This is the same NRA that Maggart cites claiming to be a solid 2nd Amendment supporter in years past, but has run afoul of this year.  Her beef is with the NRA, not Courtney Rogers.  She should take it up with them.”
Hartline continued, “Courtney Rogers has spent full time since beginning this campaign introducing herself to the voters of District 45 and talking about her skills and experience and why she is a better choice for State Representative.  She is not talking about this Obama/Maggart thing.  Courtney has challenged Maggart on her inappropriate taking of per diem from the taxpayers of Tennessee while living 20 miles from Nashville.  She has challenged Maggart on her lackluster leadership.  She has challenged Maggart on her manipulation of the legislative process keeping The Employee Safe Commute Bill and other important legislation either from coming to the House Floor or getting it to the floor and organizing unexpected opposition during the vote or getting it to the floor the last day of session to be vetoed by the Governor with no chance of override.  These are facts and part of her legislative record that voters need to know about.”
He concluded, “Maggart is desperate.  These kinds of campaign tactics were once utilized by Democrats running against Republicans.  I have called upon her colleagues to speak up about her falsehoods and improper tactics against a distinguished veteran.”

Maggart's lackluster

Maggart's lackluster leadership? That is absurd. Maggart spearheaded the most controversial conservative legislation this past session and took the hits for it. 

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