Different from regular lying

Over at In Sesh, a release from Lou Ann Zelenik on the mosque kerfuffle:

“This is a victory for the citizens of  all Middle Tennessee who have been the victims of  ‘taqqiya’ (Islamic lying for the sake of advancing Islam) during this entire process,” said Zelenik,  a leading critic of the construction of the Islamic Center.  Zelenik, as a 6th district congressional candidate in 2010, openly challenged the project resulting in numerous death threats.  Since then, she has devoted countless hours as Executive Director of the Tennessee Freedom Coalition speaking out against radical Islam and its encroachment into American culture.

She is once again in the race for the Republican nomination for District 6.  “For over 2 years my opponent has been and still is on the sidelines of this issue.  This is not a partisan issue, but an American issue and her silence is deafening”, said Zelenik.

“This was not an issue of freedom of religion.  Islam does not claim to be a religion, but a social and political system that intends to dominate every facet of our lives and seeks to dominate it’s host culture by any means including force and violence.  This case was for equal treatment under the law.  No Christian church or Jewish synagogue would have received this type of treatment from the Planning Commission.”

Lou Ann Zelenik is not the

Lou Ann Zelenik is not the way to contain the spread of sharia.

If Zelenik had not wanted to

If Zelenik had not wanted to deny about 300 Muslim's their religious freedoms, she might have been Congressman Zelenik.

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