See, you think everyone supports something

Wine-in-grocery-stores has a pretty good shot this time around, but there are people who are cool to it still:

Hammond rejected the argument that liquor stores hold a monopoly. "Wine and spirits retailers are highly competitive. Any notion that there's a monopoly in Tennessee's wine and spirits industry is patently false."

Senate Democratic Leader Jim Kyle of Memphis said that while the bill may be popular, he's against it because he believes big-box retailers and grocery chains will drive small liquor stores out of business.

"In smaller towns, their owners are part of the fabric of the community. Just as 20 years ago we used to have independent service stations operating all over and we allowed them to be run out and they are no longer part of the fabric of the community, that's what will happen here," Kyle said.

House Democratic Leader Craig Fitzhugh of Ripley said he's also concerned about underage drinking when wine is sold in grocery and convenience stores. "I think my caucus has been pretty much against it," he said.