Oh Haile

The Senate Republican Caucus leadership remained largely unchanged, except that Farrell Haile is the new treasurer, replacing Mae Beavers:

The Senate vote, in some ways, mirrors last month’s House Republican leadership vote. The only contested race in that race was for the Speaker Pro Tem, the House’s number two spot. Rep. Judd Matheny lost that race to Rep. Curtis Johnson.

Those losses may pull the curtain back a bit on what has appeared have been a united Republican Party since the GOP won supermajorities in both Houses. Both Beavers and Matheny endorsed Lou Ann Zelenik over incumbent US Rep. Diane Black in the 6th Congressional District race. Black has many friends in the General Assembly, where she served in the House from 1998 to 2005 and in the Senate from 2005 until her Congressional win in 2010.

Both Beavers and Matheny, too, defied their party’s leadership. Beavers was the only Republican still in the Senate who voted against the GOP-led redistricting map. Matheny considered challenging Beth Harwell for House Speaker because he said some conservative causes and issues seemed to be getting back-burnered by the House leadership.

The lesson is clear - go

The lesson is clear - go against the Republican establishment and get punished!

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