Tracy's got a statement too

Jim Tracy applauds the governor:

“I have always been adamantly opposed to Obamacare because government run healthcare is the wrong course for America. I applaud Governor Haslam’s decision to reject the state Obamacare exchange,” said State Senator Jim Tracy.  

“It is the right decision for Tennesseans and one of the few remaining ways to fight the government takeover of healthcare. I hope more states follow suit and force the federal government to set up the state exchanges and perhaps teach Congress a lesson about the perils of overregulation.  If Congress and President Obama want to bankrupt our Country and destroy the quality of American health care, then they need to take responsibility for implementation and be accountable for its disastrous consequences.”

“I encourage Governor Haslam to reject the Obamacare Medicaid expansion as well. Tennesseans know firsthand what the devastating consequences will be based on the TennCare debacle.”