You got a long way to go to match that Brownlow machine

Cool breakdown of past Tennessee supermajorities.

To wit:

What is the largest House supermajority in Tennessee history? What Party was in power? Who was the Speaker?

* Governor Brownlow's Administration in 1865 had a 99 House and 33 Senate
vote majority. (Note: They were known as "unionists," according to Legislative Librarian Eddie Weeks -- but effectively Republicans. Also, Weeks says the House had just 75 members and the Senate 25 in 1865. The size was expanded by the 1870 state constitution.)

* SINCE 1901: In the House of Representatives, at the start of 1939 (the
71st General Assembly), the party breakdown was 84 Democrats, 14 Republicans (70 majority D). The Speaker was John Ed O'Dell.

Brownlow was a scumbag, too

Brownlow was a scumbag, too bad the bullets fired in the Capitol didn't ricochet and hit him instead.

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