This is the trade-off for that museum we're paying for

The presidential election didn't do much for the advertising revenues of most Tennessee TV stations. Except for the ones in Bristol.

How do you figure that this

How do you figure that this election related television election campaign advertising --- and you can also include radio and print advertising in this discussion as well --- is any sort of taxpayer dollar "trade-off" when the state of Tennessee has codified sales tax exemptions for advertising and newspaper sales?

I would contend that the increasing amounts of money being funnelled into state elections actually has a muzzling effect upon news media outlets as these entities seem to act as to not kill off the golden goose before the elections --- especially when you have major contributors to a state political party (e.g. as did former Fobres ranked meglamillionare and King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. CEO John Gregory back in 2006) to have let be know that they are interested in investing in news media outlets:

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