Just a little shake

Not much change at the top of the House Republicans, except for one:

The caucus voted via secret ballot to replaced Speaker Pro Tempore Judd Matheny — a Republican who said he felt “sidelined” by GOP leadership. Republicans replaced him with Rep. Curtis Johnson, a Clarksville businessman who has largely stayed behind the scenes.

“We should all remember that our caucus tent is big enough to have different opinions,” Johnson said to members at the House Republican Caucus organization meeting to elect leadership. “We can have constructive criticism, but we all need to work together to move our caucus forward.”

In asking voters to reelect him, Matheny pointed to ways he wants to make the job a “frontline working position and not just a lazy backwater like it used to be years ago,” he told members before the vote. Better coordination with the Senate over legislation while maintaining the chamber’s autonomy are key areas the position should focus on, he said.