A call to action and a Sherman statement

Jeff Yarbro argues that Republicans and Democrats need each other to be great:

Good governance is possible only when politics actually supports it. To get things done, we need to turn off MSNBC and Fox News. We need to embrace good ideas, whatever the source. We have to hold leaders accountable for their failures even when they are on our team.

Good governance, however, doesn’t just happen on its own, but through the competition at the ballot box. For that competition to work, parties have to actually compete for votes rather than just divide counties into red and blue. Republicans will have to break through the conservative echo chamber and recognize that there’s a whole lot of hard-working and patriotic Americans who feel left out of the current incarnation of the Party of Lincoln.

Tennessee Democrats must find a way to be bold again, to lay out a vision for the future of the state. Only a strong and relevant Democratic Party can put forward ideas that can spark a statewide conversation on how we can transform education, create jobs, and make Tennessee a better place to live and raise kids.

For the good of the state and the country, we should all hope that they both succeed.

And just in case you thought he might be angling for TNDP chair, he isn't.