Just so we're clear: You want to hand power to the federal government?

Tennessee really has to decide this week if we're going to run our own health insurance exchange or if the feds are going to. Somehow the strategy of reminding everyone how opposed to the law they are didn't work for Republicans and now they have a decision to make.

If a state government does

If a state government does not set up an exchange, residents of that state will be able to participate in a federal exchange.

In other words, Matt is technically correct that the federal government will not set one up for the state.  However, the federal government will have one set up for residents of states not participating, so it's going to happen regardless.

Call me crazy, but if it's gonna happen regardless I'd rather we run it than have our citizens depending on the federal government's.

I wish you would give a

I wish you would give a reference to your sources on this Supreme Court ruling.  I attempted to find something definitive but didn't find it.  I more often found the opposite.

SCOTUS has ruled that if the

SCOTUS has ruled that if the state governments don't do it, the federal government can't. I wish reporters would do their research.

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