We are calling Tennessee for Romney (today)

The networks and the AP have decided it's not worth it to do exit polling in 19 states (Tennessee among them).

Speaker Beth Harwell was

Speaker Beth Harwell was expected to endorse Timothy Hill --- younger brother of Rep. Matthew Hill ---for the TNGA 3rd House District earlier this evening (October 8, 2012) before a large crowd of Republican supporters and politicians at the Rocky Mount Historical Site, located northeast of Johnson City, Tennessee. For those of you unfamiliar with the association to early American history, Rocky Mount served as the U.S. Southwest Territorial Capital from 1790 to 1792. 

The function or "tour experience" of the state owned Rocky Mount (administered by both Tennessee Historical Commission and the 501(c)(3)Rocky Mount Historical Association) is, according to the website, "...The tour experience invites one to become part of the happenings of the year 1791 through the first person interpretation of daily lifestyles, domestic and work skills, food, clothing, furnishings and games. Rocky Mount also offers a variety of special events, educational programs, and meeting facilities."

That and an astonishingly large collection of Nazi German war memorabilia that was on display within several glass display cases and stands of various sizes and dimensions tonight when Speaker Harwell, TNGA 3rd House candidate Timothy Hill, and a large contingent of Republicans blitzkrieged Rocky Mount

No word yet as to if all this Nazi memorabilia (full uniforms, helmets, arm bands, ceremonial daggers, medals and awards all belong to the always thoughtful Timothy Hill campaign or if these materials are part of a permanent display at early American historical site that is owned by state taxpayers.

Does this mean that Tennessee

October 2, 2012

Does this mean that Tennessee House Speaker Beth Harwell endorses Timothy Hill (brother of Rep. and House Transportation Committee member Matthew Hill) and his plan for the Tennessee Department of Transportation to "opt-out" of the Federal-Aid Highway Program --- that is literally walking away from over $1 billion annual federal funding) --- and to finance the elimination of the Hall Tax on investment income by allocating 18 cents out of every dollar collected by the State of Tennessee through highway and gasoline taxes?


Timothy Hill: Opt TDOT Out of Federal Highway Program



Virgil Goode will be on the

Virgil Goode will be on the TN ballot under Constitution Party. He has my vote!

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