'Never heard of him'

A new legislative liaison for the Air National Guard was a Ron Ramsey campaigner - and he got hired even though the ANG already has a liaison it's happy with:

"He asked if there were any other people who worked hard in my campaign who I would recommend to be legislative liaison, there are probably two dozen legislative liaisons, I think the only name I gave him was James," Ramsey said.

Dunn was hired at the Tennessee Air National Guard, even though they already had a legislative liaison they were happy with, according to Maj. Gen. Terry “Max” Haston.

The current legislative liaison was hired by the Bredesen administration and will keep her job.

Haston indicated he had never met Dunn."I didn't know Mr. Dunn from, you know, from anyone, until I was talked to by the governor's office and they said, ‘We’ve got people that we're going to look at and put in the administration,’" Haston said.

Haston had to do some shuffling to make it work. There weren't any openings for a legislative liaison. There was an open position for a janitor's job at McGhee-Tyson airport in east Tennessee, which had been open for 31 months.That empty position, with a top pay of around $30,000, was turned into a legislative liaison job in Nashville with a top salary of about $40,000.