The Gov backs POTUS on education

Dru Fuller reporting:

Gov. Bill Haslam told the media the "Obama administration's efforts on education, by and large, are right on target. The things they're putting influence on and emphasizing are on target.  Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, we've probably averaged calls once a week since I've been in office to (talk about) things I'm working on and how they might help."

O Captain, My Captain, All

O Captain, My Captain,

All the criticism of vouchers seems to ignore one small, almost infinitesimal, lesson from History. Are you familiar with the GI Bill of Rights? After WWII veterans were allowed to use a voucher to get a college education. They could choose public colleges or private colleges, big universities or tiny community colleges. They could even choose religious schools (and it should be noted, the sky and the First Amendment both remained in place).

So the idea that vouchers will kill public education seems more than a toke over the line even for most lefties.

'Sensible Tennessean (sic),'

Go away or man up and use your own name. Governor Haslam is no RINO, not that you have any idea of what RINO is except for the talking points you get from whatever secret radio transmission. The odds are that you are just one more democratic operative trying to start trouble. That the Dems hired you explains much about their current status.

'Mark Rogers (sick)" I know a

'Mark Rogers (sick)"
I know a RINO when I see one. I have been a conservative for my entire adult life, from my early teens, and know well the Republican Party principles. If you knew my REAL name it would mean nothing to you except you could google it for sport. How many John A. Smith's do you think there are in the world?

Mark Glad to hear from


Glad to hear from you!

My view of the G I bill, which paid for most my own college adventure, is that it was a repayment for the sacrifice one makes when they serve. It's not available to all, just to those who are honorable discharged veterans. And it is not for public school education, it was intended for advanced education to assist the vet in his/her quest to achieve the American Dream they had fought for.
While it could be used for both state or private colleges and university's, the effect on the institutions have no correlation to public schools. State and private colleges are vastly supplemented by tuition and registration, and private endowments, public money only to state colleges. Hence public funds are NOT diverted from one to another.

Vouchers will end up hurting

Vouchers will end up hurting private schools as well. PArents send their kids to private schools to give them something that they don't get at public schools. By reducing expenditures for public schools (by sending the money, through vouchers, to private schools), the quality of public schools goes down that much further, lowering the bar that private schools need to achieve to outdo public schools. But the ideologues don't seem to really care.

When you meet teaching staff

When you meet teaching staff and think to yourself, "is this person literate" who is the idealogue?

I find that very hard to

I find that very hard to believe, Tony. I have had much interaction with members of the teaching profession and have not been concerned about their "literacy"! On the contrary, I have found them to be fine in that department. Which leads me to think you may be just a bit prejudice in your opinion, they are after all the evil public servant are they not?

Apparently you don't

Apparently you don't understand the concept of vouchers-
there are some very good and some excellent public schools but all students don't have access to them and they will with vouchers; competition always makes things better. Schools will be motivated by the voucher dollars to improve their schools ultimately improving education, private and public. Also, some private schools are better than others as well. Competition is always a very good thing.

Public schools are in

Public schools are in competition with many things: other public schools, with two bit politicians, with society's general problems, with bad administrators, etc. but not with private schools.

Private schools, on the other hand, are totally dependent on being able to both giving something that pulic schools don't have and by competing with other private schools.

So you have to understand the true nature of the two before getting into a voucher debate. Most voucher proposals fail to distinguish between the apples and the oranges.

Vouchers are a public funding

Vouchers are a public funding of what is a usually healthy private enterprise, something one would believe the more conservative portion of the voting populace would abhor! Not bailouts, not subsidies, but outright funneling of public monies to private enterprise. What is next, private security in lieu of police, UPS/Fed Ex as opposed to the Post Office?
Why not, in the interest of better educational opportunities for ALL, simply apply these efforts to improve the school system without this faux solution of punishing the teachers. Their collective bargaining allowances are extremely limited as opposed to genuine unions. They have NO right to strike so there goes your "stranglehold/extortion" argument! Just what is their sin, voting for Democrats? Fact is they (TEA) just did not contribute enough protection money during the last election. There is your shame, GOP!

Besides the 2nd Amendment it

Besides the 2nd Amendment it appears that Governor Haslam indeed wants to throw away other parts of the Constitution too. Specifically the 10th Amendment and Article I Section 8.

We are among the bottom of

We are among the bottom of the states ranking on expenditures per pupil (yes that does have an effect on quality, as it does with everything else).Our educational infrastructures in poor areas are crumbling, many classrooms are without up to date materials. We as a state place little emphasis on public education as illustrated by our actions but preach from amens corner with our rhetoric.
So we blame collective bargaining exercised by the TEA, a union without the right to strike, in a right to work state (hence relatively toothless as unions go), and mindlessly attack the "quality" of teachers we have saddled with substandard working conditions.
Oh, by the way, in our infinite wisdom we will bless them with a politician for a boss.

Don't speak of poor quality teachers until we right the ship with TRUE effort and not lipservice!

School vouchers is the only

School vouchers is the only answer. Money does not solve the problems of the education system. Until we have school vouchers nothing will change but loosening the stronghold of teacher's unions will help. That is about getting rid of ineffective teachers. You must be a liberal as all liberals believe money solves all the problems. Did all the stimulus money solve our economic problems? No, it just made it worse.

Vouchers are money, are they

Vouchers are money, are they not?
Improve the quality of the facilities, materials, strategies, and environment for the educational process, and the need/desire for private school vouchers will be nil!
Quit blaming a non-threatening teacher association for what is obviously a financial shortcoming by politicians.

Well, those phone calls

Well, those phone calls certainly explain why Haslam is against the Senate bill on collective bargaining. What a RINO. Maybe he will be a one-term governor along with this one-term POTUS.

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