Unusual Suspect

Councilman Craddock takes after the Mayor's office on the convention center:

Craddock said he sees an unfortunate order of events unfolding where Council is potentially taking more money out of the pockets of Nashville residents. Pointing to the recent water rate increase, combined with the potential for property taxes to go up, and now perhaps tax payer-backed bonds for the Convention Center, Craddock said the “perfect storm was brewing.”

“There is word that [the administration is] going to bring the Convention Center to the Council in either April or May,” Craddock said. “They’re going to bring the Convention Center with almost a $1 billion bill. We just voted for a water rate increase, times are tough and my God more people are out of work today than they’ve been in 40 years.

“How on earth can we justify a property tax increase? How on earth can we justify using tax payer money to build a Convention Center. I’d crawl under the table before I’d tell these people that I’m going to up and raise their taxes.”

Craddock's an idiot... CC

Craddock's an idiot... CC funds will come out of hotel/motel taxes. Unless Nashvillians stay in hotels, taxing paying citizens in Davidson County will be safe. He's just trying to find something to run on countywide... jackass.

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