The Audacity Of The Racist Graffiti

Sean Braisted reports that an Obama supporter has been the victim of an apparent hate crime:

Unfortunately hate and racism still exist in cities throughout the US as evidenced by a hate crime committed today September 6, 2008 in Franklin, TN just outside of Nashville. A family member's vehicle was parked outside of my house in an upper middle class neighborhood yesterday evening. We received an afternoon phone call from a neighbor informing us that the vehicle parked in front of our home had been painted with obscenities such as: the N word, "F#$% Obama", "McCain Rules", "White Power", and others that will go unmentioned. We proceeded to go outside and witness the monstrosity for ourselves. It was heartbreaking. I imagine that there have been other occurrences of this sort as our nation works through this extremely significant and emotion-charged time. I think it's important that we continue to spread the message of unity and respect for each other regardless of whether or not we agree with each other. We need to continue to convince people that these acts don’t accomplish anything. For those who are incapable of listening to reason, we need the support of the media and of law enforcement officials in Franklin, TN and throughout the nation to show, with a big voice, that this will not be tolerated. We also need law enforcement to take the investigation of these matters seriously.

Grantham Is Talking
Mike Byrd

Disgusting. WSMV reported on

Disgusting. WSMV reported on some racist graffiti in Franklin back in June.

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