Who Was That Masked Man?

If you stop by the John McCain townhall meeting at the Ryman today you may see a few folks donning George W. Bush masks in order, one would assume, to further the meme that the election of John McCain would amount to a third Bush term.

If you would like to join in the effort you can stop by and pick up a mask compliments of the very inwardly focused, positive messaged Tennessee Democratic Party.

Late last week an email went out calling for "twenty names who will definitely show up and wear the George W. Bush masks the party purchases."

If you are interested, you can show up at 11:45 today at 223 Eighth Ave. North and pick you up a mask and show the colors.

UPDATE 1:30PM: From Cara Kumari:

In addition, there is a crowd of protestors wearing George W Bush masks holding signs saying “100 more years in Iraq” etc.

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