Renovating The Image: Gore's House Steady Guzzlin'

The boys over at the Tennessee Center For Policy Research celebrates a over a year of dining out over exposing Al Gore's electric bills by exposing that, after extensive renovations, the house still consumes an inordinate amount of electricity:

After the Tennessee Center for Policy Research exposed Gore’s massive home energy use, the former Vice President scurried to make his home more energy-efficient. Despite adding solar panels, installing a geothermal system, replacing existing light bulbs with more efficient models, and overhauling the home’s windows and ductwork, Gore now consumes more electricity than before the “green” overhaul.

Since taking steps to make his home more environmentally-friendly last June, Gore devours an average of 17,768 kWh per month –1,638 kWh more energy per month than before the renovations – at a cost of $16,533. By comparison, the average American household consumes 11,040 kWh in an entire year, according to the Energy Information Administration.

UPDATE 6:15: Gore spokeswoman Kalee Kreider takes issue with the TCPR release:

Kreider pointed out that the renovations weren't complete until November, so it’s a bit early to be attempting before-and-after comparisons. In addition, the Gores participate in the Nashville Electric Service’s Green Power Switch Program, which allows them to buy their electricity from renewable sources like wind power, solar power or methane gas from landfills (the house’s 33 solar panels only supply 4 percent of its power needs, per Kreider.) So any energy they burn won't be burning them a bigger carbon footprint.

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Al Gore is making his ill

Al Gore is making his ill gotten gain off the foolosh nieve of the public he is a scam artist

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What is funny GW Bush's

What is funny GW Bush's home/ranch is more green than Gore's home ever hoped to be. Which shows the difference in Talkers and Walkers.

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Al Gore sound really

Al Gore sound really hyprocritical to me for all these years.
He even did not support better bus services in my large hometown...which is a large city/metroplex.

At least, he was not President. He never really wanted the job to begin with.

The carbon credits thing is

The carbon credits thing is really a con, but Gore has made a lot of money off it. I planted two carbon credits (trees) not long ago, but these trees do not affect/reduce my energy usage whatsoever, unless one day if they get big enough to shade the house and I'm still alive, the air conditioner may not have to work so hard. I really plant the trees for the birds and the fairies/nature spirits. That's right; you read that correctly. I'm pretty close to Nature, try to be, and I'm doing many things to try to preserve our natural environment, but carbon credits are just something to ease the consciences of people like Gore. Carbon credits do not reduce energy usage and personal contribution to pollution in any way. The hog makes just as much bacon.

And keep in mind that Gore has more than one house. How many?

Our real problem now and in the projected future is one that people don't want to face: too many people. TMP.

I'm just glad Gore took the

I'm just glad Gore took the initiative to invent Global warming. Then invent Carbon Credits.

[...] Algore took so long to endorse Sen. Obama because he was too busy upgrading his energy-guzzling house in Nashville.

Two additional comments: I

Two additional comments:

I did a few calculations...

1. Based on his monthly usage, he has used more electricity in the last 6 months than we have in the last 14 years living in our all electric house (in an equally hot climate with much colder winters).

2. He pays as much in electric bills each year as someone working 60 hours a week at minimum wage makes in an ENTIRE year (no vacation). And yet he has the nerve to tell the "average" person to reduce their carbon footprints.



[...] Guzzling Algore

[...] Guzzling Algore Bookmark [...]

[...] of going green? Here is

[...] of going green? Here is an interesting item about the use and conservation of energy. ( In this particular case, a “green overhaul” resulted in the use of about twice as [...]

[...] Next Right profiles

[...] Next Right profiles Drew Johnson’s Tennessee Center For Policy Research foray into investigative reporting: This isn’t the first time Drew Johnson’s state-based think tank has hit the jackpot [...]

This reminds me of an episode

This reminds me of an episode of that delightful TV crapfest, THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY. The family (foolishly!) gets involved in energy conservation (Season Four, Episode 94, 'Morning Becomes Electric,' if you must know). Like poor Albert Gore, they become "The Model Family" in trying to save electricity. Young Danny, like Gore, even suggests "Energy Hogs" be named and shamed in the local newspaper.

It all goes sideways and to avoid public humiliation, the family ends up sitting in the dark. Which is where Gore will likely end up toward the end of next month.

"This is amusing to read. I

Tom, Of course, if I had

Tom, Of course, if I had access to a private jet, I'd use it just like he does. If I had 100 millions, or even less, I may build a mansion as huge as his. But I'm sure I won't excoriate others for making their carbon footprints. I'll shut up and enjoy my millions, and let the lesser beings who have less than I have enjoy theirs. Unless, of course, my millions are made by nagging the little people, then I'll keep nagging.

This is amusing to read. I'm

This is amusing to read. I'm sure that if everyone here had say, 100 million in assets, you'd all be buying 1 bedroom houses and riding a bike everywhere you go. Right. If you had access to a private jet, you'd use it just like he does. These things aren't accessable to you so your resentment leads to these posts. Very amusing.

Hmmmmm, lets run some

Hmmmmm, lets run some numbers, shall we?

17,768 kWh per month * 12 months = 213,216 kWh per year

"33 solar panels supply 4% of its power needs":
213216 * .04 / 33 = 258 kWh per solar panel per year

Total annual Electrical usage in US :
Approx. 1.5 trillion kWh per year

Solar panels needed = Approx. 5.8 billion


Check your math, that's

Check your math, that's almost a dollar a kwh - almost 10 times what I pay..

Saw the Goreness endorsing

Saw the Goreness endorsing the Prophet last night. Is algore introducing a new line of men's "blimp clothing?"

Just wondering. How much energy goes into making clothes that big?

How does the fact "that the

How does the fact "that the renovations weren't complete until November" 2007 render a June 2007 usage to June 2008 usage comparison in any way dubious or premature?

Carbon credits are such a

Carbon credits are such a fraud. So what if Gore buys clean energy? The power company just sells the dirty energy he didn't buy to someone else.

"In addition, the Gores participate in the Nashville Electric Service

Aw, cut the poor guy some

Aw, cut the poor guy some slack. Look at all the carbon he sequesters around his body in the form of fat globules. That's better than carbon credits.

[...] Al Gore, Hypocrite x 2

[...] Al Gore, Hypocrite x 2 Posted on June 17, 2008 by Joe Tobacco Whatever, Al. Whatever. [...]

I'm gonna quit work and set

I'm gonna quit work and set up a donation website to support me while I do serious global warming an effort to be like Al Gore, I'm going to start personally creating as much CO2 as humanly possible. First I'm gonna find out where they store old tires and I'm going to set them on fire.... then I'm going to buy the biggest private jet that my donations will allow for (give till it hurts man) and I'm gonna get a team of pilots to fly me everywhere all the search of more tire graveyards to burn ....that should get me into Al Gore territory :P

What a hypocritical

What a hypocritical con-artist! Gore should be ashamed of himself. I'm sure his family and friends are ashamed of his unabashed, hypocritical lifestyle. If he is really concerned about the environment (and not just his conned up global warming), he would stop flying every where (especially in a private jet) and move into a smaller house. His children are grown, so he should be able to suffice on a small one-bedroom.

the amusing thing?

the amusing thing? Goreweathermessiah didn't see this coming. If, with his gravitas, he can't get somebody to design an integrated system to cut his home use by 50% then he is an idiot... or doesn't really believe the message. Inasmuch as he still flies all over the world to talk at gatherings instead of using video conference, he doesn't believe in what he is saying. If you want to be the weathermessiah... you have to show everyone how it can be done.

All that fuss for solar

All that fuss for solar panels and they only produce a measly four percent of what Hot Air Gore burns through! If the changes would have been implemented, there should be an impact as each came online along with a dramatic decrease afterwards.

It's typical limousine liberal speak to say that it is ok that he wastes power because he pays for "carbon credits" (i.e. pockets the money by funneling it through his carbon credits). In other words, he has enough money to do what he wants and rub it in your face while still filling good about himself.

Isn't 'Reduce' the first word

Isn't 'Reduce' the first word in the mantra Reduce-Reuse-Recycle? I don't care if it's from renewable sources, that just means he's using his money to make himself feel better and taking some 'green'-ness out of everybody else's power usage.

The guy's a pathetic, posturing pig, nothing more. He's built his recent career on making Americans feel guilty about their lifestyles, and he's using 20x more than those he wants to make feel guilty.

And he's still flying around in that Gulfstream. Is it fueled by renewable wheat grass extract, Ms. Kreider?

I wonder how much of a carbon

I wonder how much of a carbon footprint was caused by the production and installation of those eco-friendly additions.

What about all of the waste

What about all of the waste generated from the disposal of the old windows, duct work ect... And the energy used in creating all of the new products installed on his home designed to save the earth.

[...] Gore is using more energy than ever. I can imagine it takes quite a bit to keep him and his ego cool.

[...] not to pick on

[...] not to pick on Confederate Yankee unduly, so how about our old pal Glenn Reynolds? AL GORE: Still guzzling energy in Nashville. “Despite adding solar panels, installing a geothermal system, replacing existing light bulbs [...]

Donna, there will NOT be too

Donna, there will NOT be too many people in the Future... This is wrong. The feterlity rate (2.1) is not being met in about 70 countries. Poplulation will increase in the short run, only because we are living longer and have better health care. But, with the destruction of the nuclear family, there will not be enough people to substain the current economy... we are seeing it now.

"Or are we dead-set on

"Or are we dead-set on smearing one individual?" JFG

JFG, the issue isn't with the one person Albert. It's with the person who constantly waggles their finger under everyone's nose while doing exactly what he is accusing them of.

To speak from the moral high ground, you HAVE TO BE THERE. His PR people know this, and as a lifelong politician he knows it too. Choosing to ignore it causes you to lose credibility because you aren't walking the walk. When you are essentially the face of the issue, you have to be remembering this...

[...] Kreider on the

[...] Kreider on the assertions of the Tennessee Center for Policy Research that despite rennovations Al Gore’s Belle Meade home is still guzzling energy at an alarming rate: I am happy to provide more information about this from the Gores’ perspective. First, this [...]

Mr. Gore, board up that hall.

Mr. Gore, board up that hall. How much a house do you need? How about some wealth redistribution? Everyone in the country is assigned certain square footage of living space. Those who use, lets say five times as much as an average person, should be required to pay into a fund to be distributed to those who use half of the average living space. Mind you living space includes all those extra square footage that one, such as Kerry, owns all over the country and beyond. Democrats like to redistribute wealth anyway. They know only working stiffs pay income taxes, the wealthy clip their tax-exempt coupons, cash dividend checks and collect capital gains. To be fair, the rich should pay wealth taxes. If you make such a proposal, I guarantee you will be the next President. Of course, being president, you will earn about at best 10% of what you are earning as a global warm-onger, and your house will be much smaller than you are used to. What the heck, do that for the people, won't you?

"Kreider pointed out that the renovations weren

[...] tip: The Nashville

[...] tip: The Nashville Post, via [...]

[...] the average American household uses in an entire year. (Me? I used 713kWh last month.) More figures here, and a comment from that post: He

He uses 10 times more

He uses 10 times more electricity than we do and we live in an all electric house in a climate that is equally hot in the summer and much colder in the winter.
It makes no difference to me that he is using "clean" energy. He's using TOO much.
He needs to review the meaning of the word "REDUCE".


So Gore may be a hypocrite.

So Gore may be a hypocrite. Everyone is, in some way, shape or form. Meanwhile, The Tennessee Center for Policy Research claims to be non-partisan. They're not. They claim to be about private property rights. They're not. How much are their monthly energy bills? How much energy was spent trying to prove that Gore is a hypocrite?
How much has been saved as a result of Gore's film? Is it that difficult to look at the larger picture? Or are we dead-set on smearing one individual? Apparently Gore has more power than he uses. ;-)

[...] Gore is a lot of Hot Air, Carbon

Thank God there are some

Thank God there are some sensible people in this world who are doing something to expose this global warming hoax.

Al Gore is a con artist, and it is disgusting that someone like him has attained such celebrity status. I mean world must really be full of gullible people, if Al Gore can succeed.

If he had a single honest bone in his body he would vacate his huge mansion and go to the forest and live like a philistine or a hermit. But I don't think he has a single honest bone in his body, none of the Global Warming activists do.

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