You Wanna Talk About Adultery? Are You Sure?

Commenting on his personal blog, TNGOP Communications Director Bill Hobbs states that he cannot believe that Rep. Stacey Campfield didn't make a very obvious retort when berated before the Judiciary Committee during discussion over a bill allowing men to opt out of child support payments for children determined not to be theirs:

Briley, you'll recall, was the very married father of four who, according to press reports, cheated on his wife and had an affair with the Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association lobbyist while she was shepherding legislation through the House Judiciary Committee that Briley chaired.

Campfield managed to hold fire and not blister Briley with the response Briley so richly deserved, but I'd have loved to have heard him respond, "No, Rep. Briley, I don't believe adultery is ever appropriate. Do you?"

Joe P. He used the first

Joe P.

He used the first question in the sub committee.

Stacey showed admirable

Stacey showed admirable restraint, a concept foreign to Rob Briley.

What else to expect from B-Ho

What else to expect from B-Ho save personal attacks, which smear someone, rather than sound reasons for or against the legislation.

By B-Ho's logic, a worthy retort from Briley could have been "You've never been married or had kids, so how can you have insight to this legislation. And why did you share a home with a sex offender??

Yet nothing of value is provided in such exchanges in a policy debate.

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