When Citizens Are Late They Have To Pay A Penalty

The Department of Children's Services are behind on check disbursements and some folks dependent on those monies find themselves at a loss reports WSMV:

"She said there were 27 of you that didn't get paid this month, and I said, 'Well when are we going to get paid?' and she said, 'I don't know," said Houdt.

Houdt lives off Social Security and a small pension from her dead husband is in a limbo. She is not sure how to pay the bills.

"I'm sure not going let him starve or have seizures. I’ll go into debt to do it," said Houdt.

Nicholas and Virginia are part of the subsidized permanent guardianship program, a pilot program funded by the federal government.

The program is slowly being rolled out throughout the state.

Channel 4 talked to DCS about the situation and they said the program is growing so fast that money simply ran out.

"We simply have grown the program in the pilot sites in Davidson, Shelby and up in the Cookeville area. (It's grown) beyond what we ever imagined in the first pilot year. We need to fill the pot with funds very quickly," said Elizabeth Black of DCS.