The Game Is The Game

Brendan Loy begs to differ with those folks who say that Hillary Clinton would have had this nomination sown up if the Democratic primaries were winner take all delegate contests like the Republicans and the electoral college:

If the Democrats ran a winner-take-all system, both candidates would have had vastly different strategies. Obama would have spent less time, energy and money in caucus states where he knew he could rack up big delegate margins, and focused more on the "big states." Among other things, it's entirely possible he would have won Texas (since he would have been paying zero attention to Ohio or Rhode Island under this scenario).

You can't divorce the results from the process. And anyway, the process is what it is. The Democrats don't have a winner-take-all system like the Republicans and the Electoral College do. They have a proportional system, because they decided to have a proportional system. You don't change the rules in the middle of the game -- or spin them into some alternate reality. They are what they are. And Obama's gonna win.

Thank you, Joe, I was going

Thank you, Joe, I was going to say that myself. when they finishing counting DELEGATES, Obama WON Texas.


Texas? Why does everyone

Texas? Why does everyone keep saying that Hillary won Texas?

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