Lamar Alexander On The Temper Of John McCain

From Jackson Baker:

For what it's worth, one of McCain's Republican colleagues in the Senate, Tennessee's own Lamar Alexander, was asked, on the occasion of his recent visit to the Flyer, if he had ever been on the receiving end of one of McCain's outbursts.

"Yes, I have," the senator nodded gravely, going on to say, "There are very few of us who haven't.

Of course, there is no love lost between our senior senator and John McCain due to McCain's instrumental role in Alexander's embarrassing loss to Trent Lott for Majority Whip:

One Lott ally said McCain was instrumental in persuading Warner to switch his support to Lott. Lott also held a long meeting with Warner.

[...] defeat at the hands of

[...] defeat at the hands of Trent Lott for the minority whip position in 2006 and Lamar has made no great attempt to get into his good graces since [...]

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