Attempt To Link English-Only To Sewage Bill Rubs Some Raw

GoldnI shares her thoughts on the situation:

I'm not going to pretend to understand anything the Republicans do, but why not file your own bill on the subject? Or if not, why not attach this to a bill that is remotely related to the subject? Why a sewage bill, for Heaven's sake?

Well, it's nice to see at least one state representative, Brenda Gilmore, taking care of the more important but less headline-grabbing issues.

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John Rodgers
Stacey Campfield

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[...] asserting that they did

[...] asserting that they did not as the media painted it, attempt to attach an English-only amendment to an unrelated sewer bill last week, they simply wished to add yet another worker safety issue to a worker safety bill: The bill dealt [...]

I want to thank The

I want to thank The Tennessean for publishing the roll call vote on that.

My favorite part of the

My favorite part of the Tennessean story:

"Republican colleagues congratulated Hill with handshakes after his amendment was defeated."

Next up, Republicans lose close election, throw parade!

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