Belmont tops 7,000 students

Belmont University officials have announced a fall semester enrollment of 7,301 students, a figure that is more than double BU’s enrollment from 2000 (2,976 students) and up 5.5 percent from the mark of last fall’s total of 6,915.

Applications for undergraduate and graduate admissions for the fall also saw an increase of 12.5 percent and resulted in the university’s largest freshman class to date with 1,420 students.

“It’s both humbling and gratifying to see the number of students who want to come to Belmont to learn and discover their life purpose,” Belmont President Bob Fisher said in a release. “These are individuals from all walks of life and many corners of the globe who aren’t thinking only of future careers but are embracing this University’s mission to engage and transform the world with their passions, skills and talents. I’m proud to welcome them to their new home and thankful they’ve chosen to be Belmont Bruins.”

In addition to incoming freshmen, Belmont also added 508 transfer students to campus this week, marking a number of nearly 2,000 new undergraduates. The student body currently consists of 5,898 undergraduate students and 1,403 pursuing graduate/professional studies.