Piedmont opens second local CNG fueling station

Piedmont Natural Gas announced today it has opened its second compressed natural gas fueling station in Nashville.

The station is located at 541 Spence Lane, with the CNG fuel price currently at $2.19 per gallon.

Piedmont Chief Financial Officer Karl Newlin projects to displace 2 million gasoline gallon equivalents this year and to convert at least one-third of its more than 1,000 fleet vehicles to CNG by the end of 2015.

“With other public stations being developed, Piedmont is helping to create CNG fueling corridors along the major interstates in our service area,” Newlin said in a release. “Already there are 11 customer owned stations in our territory with 5-7 more being planned.”

Piedmont’s first CNG fueling station in Tennessee opened along with the Nashville Resource Center at 83 Century Blvd. in April 2010.

Nashville Mayor Karl Dean said Piedmont’s newest fueling station marks an important milestone in Metro’s efforts to become one of the greenest cities in the Southeast.

“Nashville is supporting this initiative by purchasing the first compressed natural gas vehicle in the Metro fleet, and these efforts, together, are concrete steps toward a cleaner city and a legacy we can build for future generations of Nashvillians,” Dean said.

CNG is methane stored at high pressure and can be used in place of gasoline, diesel fuel and propane.