Germantown's Wasco to move as development looms

Longstanding commercial masonry company Wasco is moving its Germantown equipment operations to North Davidson County.

The move is being done, in part, to accommodate a residential project (read more here) Phoenix-based developer Alliance Residential Co. plans for the site, located at 1138 Second Ave. N.

William A. Sneed, Jr., Wasco president and CEO, said the company will maintain a headquarters office in a nearby Germantown office building. The new equipment operations address is 1031 Whites Creek Pike.

“We hope to have the move done before the sale closes [in September],” said Sneed (pictured), who added the company has projected it will remove upwards of 200 truckloads of items during the effort. Some of the material will be recycled or disposed of.

Wasco was founded in 1966 and has operated from Germantown since the early 1980s.