First Tennessee taps partner for RDC services

Customers of First Tennessee Bank should soon find it easier to make remote deposits to their bank accounts without the inconvenience of taking a paper check to a teller or ATM.

First Tennessee, which is part of First Horizon National Corp., has selected WAUSAU Financial Systems to provide remote deposit capture (RDC) services. Terms of the deal were not disclosed in a release.

The solution, called Deposit 24/7, is expected to go live in July. It will include location awareness tracking to identify where RDC deposits are captured and transmitted.

RDC services allow a customer to scan checks and transmit the images to the bank to create a digital deposit. First Tennessee, an early adopter of RDC, said it wanted a partner that could provide improved risk monitoring functionality to meet regulatory and compliance requirements as well as more RDC functionality. That includes payment capture, accounts receivable system integration and export features.

First Tennessee also sought training and support for its RDC customers as well as the ability to offer more options for scanners and drivers while simplifying the scanner licensing process.

WAUSAU Financial System’s Location Awareness provides alerts if deposits are made somewhere other than the expected location, making any fraudulent activities easier to spot.

“First Tennessee Bank prides itself on maintaining a high customer retention rate, which speaks to our positive customer satisfaction rating. To ensure satisfaction, we recognize the importance of the customer experience,” said Taylor Vaughan, director of Treasury Management Services at First Tennessee Bank. “It’s our hope that through a more flexible RDC offering and robust implementation and training courses offered by WAUSAU, our customers, too, will be pleased with this partnership.”