N.C.-based North Gulch apartment developer offers local connection

As announced last week, the team developing Capitol View in the North Gulch has tapped Charlotte, North Carolina-based Northwood Ravin to handle the apartment development for the 22-acre site. Of note, members of the former residential division of Crosland LLC founded Northwood Ravin. Crosland, you may recall, developed Gulch condo mid-rise Terrazzo. The company, which is based in Charlotte but no longer has an office in Nashville, would also amass the land, now owned by Northwestern Mutual Real Estate Investments, on which Capitol View will be developed (with assistance from Boyle Nashville). Northwood Ravin is working with other entities to develop University Square in Chapel Hill, North Carolina (check it here). The company's Trinity Commons at Erwin (pictured) looks strong (see here).