NFIB head: State’s small businesses face 'uncertainty'

U.S. small business employment remained flat in March for the second consecutive month, according to findings of the monthly Intuit Inc. Small Business Employment and Revenue Indexes.

The report also found that while average hours worked and monthly wages both increased, small business revenue overall declined 0.15 percent in February.

Jim Brown, Nashville-based state director of the National Federation of Independent Business, said “uncertainty” continues to cause concern for the state’s small business community.

“The negative impact of Obamacare cannot be overstated, as well as the tsunami of regulations by federal agencies that is inhibiting entrepreneurs,” said Brown (pictured). “Unemployment essentially is not improving, either. In fact, the number of underemployed — people out of work or who have quit looking for work — continues to be very high. In addition, the long-term threat of runaway spending and other federal policies is very real."

Despite the recent employment plateau nationally, small businesses have added more than 575,000 jobs since March 2010, the Intuit Inc. report notes.

Employees’ average monthly compensation grew 0.4 percent in March, an increase of $9 from February’s revised figure.