Brookdale CEO Smith on one of the hardest things in making the Emeritus deal pay off

A big selling point in Brookdale Senior Living's planned $2.8 billion acquisition of Emeritus is the potential to improve and add to the operations of communities being brought into the fold. CEO Andy Smith and President/CFO Mark Ohlendorf talked about that ancillary expansion strategy and more at the Citi Global Healthcare Conference in New York Wednesday. Smith said a big part of capitalizing on the Emeritus opportunities will be about operational discipline and not getting greedy. (Search here for 'isolate.')

We have a list of, literally, 50 different ideas that we can take advantage of. The hardest thing we’re going to have to do there is to actually focus our activities on just a few, so that we can do them right, and then move on to the balance of the 50.

But that’s no different than what we’ve done in the past. We started with outpatient therapy. Then we went to home health. Now we’re going to private duty home health inside of our communities as well as hospice. So just an effort to strengthen our relationship with our existing customers, get a deeper share of their wallet.