Hill Realty targets Charlotte project

With H.G. Hill Realty Co. preparing to soliciting support and feedback for its mixed-use project proposed for Charlotte Avenue and Sylvan Heights, many folks likely are wondering what type form and function the local development company might take.

Jimmy Granbery, Hill Realty CEO, declined to disclose the names of the architect, engineers, planners and contractors that will work on the project, which will also interact with 40th , Elkins and Park avenues and which The Tennessean first reported this morning.

However, Granbery (pictured) said Hill Realty will use various local entities and is considering giving the development’s commercial building that will front Charlotte a somewhat industrial design aesthetic, which would relate to many of the older buildings that line the stretch of the street spanning 33rd and 43rd avenues.

Granbery, who will meet with neighbors next Wednesday, said Hill Realty does not want a building that is “misplaced” due to a design that is out of context.

When asked why Hill Realty is now moving to develop within a stretch of Charlotte that is perceived by some as ramshackle and that has received minimal new construction the past few years, Granbery responded optimistically.

“We have finally assembled the property (a process that was finalized in mid-2010), and we don’t look at just a few blocks but at the entire district,” he said. “There is a wonderful elementary school (Park Avenue Elementary) a block away, and we are happy to be a small part of [adding a development to an area].”

Notwithstanding the Climb Nashville facility now being built within the aforementioned stretch of Charlotte, Hill Realty would be the first developer to do a major, mixed-use project (another smaller scale project is slated for the former Hostess Bread building) between 33rd and 43rd avenues. As such, there is always the chance the development — if it materializes — could sit on an island of sorts.

Granbery — citing new businesses that continue to locate in rehabbed buildings along Charlotte — said he is unconcerned.

“It will not be [the only large-scale development] as too many things from Capitol Hill to Nashville West are happening or already completed and I suspect more are to come,” he said of Hill Realty’s proposed project. “Just drive Charlotte and count the deals.”

Hill Realty (read more here about the company’s history in the area) will need a rezoning and is working on that effort with Metro Councilman Jason Holleman, within whose District 24 the project would sit.