Sitemason takes aim at Wordpress

Sitemason says it is going to take on Wordpress with the release of a new content management system that will get its formal unveiling next week at the Belcourt Theatre.

The new release, Sitemason 6, has been re-imagined, re-programmed and re-designed to be the preferred alternative to WordPress and Drupal for creatives. As an alternative to other hosted systems, Sitemason has built a fully-supported, hosted platform for creatives to build their web and mobile visions.


Byron Fanning, chief relationship officer, stated, “The creative population is ready for something that doesn’t require ‘workarounds,’ ‘themes,’ and ‘throttled web traffic’ solutions. With the insight, thoughtfulness and generous contributions of some of the most respected web developers we know, we’ve re-launched the most advanced version of Sitemason for a market that reaches far beyond Nashville. However, we want the Nashville community to be the first to see and experience the new Sitemason.”