Lipscomb launches program to aid businesses

Lipscomb University has launched a program to help area employers identify “proficient and ethical future employees” as well as strengthen the skills of current workers.

Lipscomb’s recently unveiled CORE (Customized, Outcome-based, Relevant Evaluation) Competency Assessment and Development Center offers the new program, which is tied to the nationally recognized Polaris competency assessment model that identifies and rates an individual’s key competencies. The information can be used in hiring, in personnel management and in scoping out an effective program for individuals returning to finish undergraduate studies and earn graduate degrees, according to Charla Long, dean of the LU College of Professional Students.

“Through this new program, we offer a method of helping employers identify competency gaps in their employees and customizing an individualized plan of action to help fill those gaps,” Long (pictured) said in a release. “This helps the employee become a stronger, more skilled individual and helps the organization develop a workforce that meets its needs. It can also be used by graduates to help a potential employer further interpret a potential employee’s best skills, an evaluation that is difficult if not impossible using traditional GPA and grades in a given course.”

Lipscomb officials are billing the university as the only in the nation to adapt the full competency assessment to higher education, both for incoming and graduating students. It has been widely used by human resources departments in major corporations across the country for 35 years, LU said. Companies already utilizing the system include, among others, Nike, PetSmart, Disney, Mars and Wendy’s.