PHG Energy teams with GE to convert waste to electricity

GE Power & Water and PHG Energy have announced the successful collaboration on a project to produce electricity from waste material.

The conversion of waste to gas is undertaken by employing gasification technology to power GE’s Clean Cycle heat-to-power generator. The new system starts with gasification of waste wood chips or other biomass to provide a clean-burning producer gas.

“This system integrates three proven technologies: GE’s heat-to-power generator, PHG Energy’s gasifier and a standard heat exchanger,” Tom Stanzione, PHGE president, said in a release. “The project is simple and elegant in its straightforward design, capable of operating on multiple and varied waste streams, and offers operating costs far below existing waste-to-energy generation systems in the marketplace.”

The combined GE and PHGE project (read more here) is being conducted in Gleason, Tenn., at a facility owned by Boral Brick Corp.

Nashville-based alternative energy provider PHG Energy (read more here) is a joint venture between La Vergne-based Thompson Machinery and Associated Physics of America.