ABA grants provisional accreditation to BU College of Law

The American Bar Association has granted provisional accreditation to the Belmont University College of Law, BU officials announced today.

The ABA Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar informed Belmont this past weekend

The milestone was achieved in the earliest possible timeline allowed by accreditation guidelines, BU officials said in a release.

“We are extremely pleased by this recognition of the legal education program that Dean Jeff Kinsler and the faculty of the Belmont College of Law have developed,” Dr. Thomas Burns, BU provost, said in the release. “The granting of provisional accreditation by the ABA validates the outstanding work being done by our administration, faculty and staff to develop a law program of the highest quality focused on preparing practice-ready attorneys.”

Under ABA rules, provisionally accredited law schools are entitled to all rights of fully accredited law schools. In particular, graduates of provisionally accredited law schools are entitled to the same recognition accorded to graduates of fully accredited law schools. A law school must be provisionally accredited for at least two years before applying for full accreditation. To grant provisional accreditation, the ABA reviews numerous factors including curriculum, facilities, library, admissions and faculty.