EFT Source lands patent

Nashville-based EFT Source, a provider of turnkey card programs and personalization services for ATM and debit cards for financial institutions, announced today that its Card@Once has received a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

“EFT Source has been a participant in the development of instant issuance since its inception, and the case for its adoption is now much stronger due to the development of technology in recent years,” Bill Dinker, president of EFT Source, said in a release. “This patent establishes Card@Once and its PCI DSS certified card printer network as truly unique and is reflective of our commitment to refining instant issuance technology.”

Instant issuance technology allows financial institutions to instantly deliver financial transaction cards, reducing the delivery time from days to minutes. Card@Once’s patented branch card printer network eliminates the need for financial institutions to develop full infrastructure to support the printing of personalized payment cards. The Card@Once network is monitored 24/7 by EFT Source’s technical team to ensure any network issues are identified and eliminated immediately; thus removing unexpected technical delays for the institution.

In addition, the patent grants exclusive rights for:

* The secure communication and storage of card file data across the Internet to and from the Card@Once printer at the branch;
* A perimeter network coupled to the card services provider network;
* A virtual private network for secure data encryption and communication between the branch card printer network and the card services provider network;
* The card file data that is programmed to the card, including the PIN calculation data; and
* The communication of successes or errors to the branch across the network.