Nashville bucks national trend in apartment rent growth

The annual effective rent growth rate for apartments in Nashville is holding its own while, on a national scale, rates are at the lowest level in the past 31 months.

Axiometrics Inc., a provider of apartment data and research, reported this week that Nashville rents in March are growing at a 4.7 percent, the same rate as in March 2012. Nashville ranked 18th out of 100 metro rental markets in the survey. Nationally, the annual effective rental growth is 3.2 percent compared to 4.1 percent at this point a year ago.

While nationally, the effective rent growth is weaker than it has been in recent months, the occupancy rate continues to strengthen and has reached a national average of 94.4 percent. Thirty-eight of the top 88 metropolitan statistical areas are generating occupancy rates above 95 percent.

Nashville’s current occupancy rate, according to the survey, is 95.4 percent. Revenue growth locally dipped half a percentage point from 5.6 percent last year to 5.1 percent. Nationally, revenue was down a full percentage point, dipping to 3.5 percent from 4.5 percent last year.

By this time next year, when Axiometrics issues the 2014 survey, there will be hundreds of new apartment units online in Middle Tennessee. It remains to be seen how the current apartment boom will impact rental growth and occupancy rates.