Tennessee's per-gallon gas price average decreases 4 cents

The average per-gallon price of regular gas in Tennessee was $3.43 as of yesterday, a decrease of four cents compared to the figure from the previous week, according to AAA.

This marks the fifth straight week the state has seen prices, on average, dip. Prices are expected to increase in April, AAA said, but motorists in the Southeast shouldn't expect pump prices averaging more than $4 a gallon.

In 2012, gas prices peaked in April at $3.93, before steadily decreasing throughout the heart of summer.

As of Sunday, the national average price was $3.64, a three-cent per-gallon decrease. More specifically, and to compare to Tennessee, Georgia’s per-gallon average of $3.50 decreased three cents.

In Nashville, the average per-gallon price of regular gas was $3.51 as of Sunday, a drop of three cents compared to the figure from the previous week. (See chart below.)

"Although gas prices may drop another cent or two this week, there's a strong likelihood they will increase throughout April,” Jessica Brady, AAA spokeswoman, The Auto Club Group, said in a release. “Positive economic news and signs of increased U.S. demand pushed oil prices to a six-week high and, if the momentum continues, gas prices will go right back up.”

A barrel of oil closed Friday at $97.23 on the New York Mercantile Exchange — $3.52 cents more than the mark from the week prior.