Populr.me to offer complimentary pages for academia

Local micropublisher Populr.me today announced it will offer complimentary accounts and unlimited online page creation to those schools, universities and students that request them.

“Education is an obvious next step for Populr.me’s business plan since so many students have already engaged it for creating interactive reports and communications,” Nicholas Holland, Populr.me CEO, said in a release. “It’s now our job to make sure we provide the tools and functionality students, teachers and staff need to make better, more impactful communications.”

Holland said Populr.me should quickly gaining traction with university employees and students, adding that staff members, to date, have liked it because of its privacy settings. Students can use it to create and publish interactive reports, summaries and business plans. 

Populr.me allows users to create single-page communications called a POP page, which stands for published one-pager. Each POP page can include unlimited images, text, videos, forms, and maps. POPs can then be shared via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

Based in Nashville, Populr.me launched in January.