Cunza helping sponsor 'toddler robot'

Yuri Cunza, president and CEO Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, is one of about 70 corporate supporters who have collectively raised $500,000 to help a team of engineers and researchers in Switzerland design a “toddler robot” meant to walk seamlessly among humans at home and work.

The childlike robot, dubbed Roboy, is a bit of a darling of the international technical journals and trade publications, particularly because of its advanced “tendon-driven” design. While robots conjure images of spidery contraptions that move around with stiff, awkward motions, Roboy moves with a fluid-like motion and is designed to perform human activities such as riding a bicycle. The project is being spearheaded by the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the University of Zurich.

Cunza, who is also a filmmaker and the publisher of La Noticia, a local Spanish-language newspaper, said he plans to be involved in similar projects in the future.

“I was very excited to see my logo on the Roboy website and even more excited when I found it printed on the body of the robot itself,” Cunza said. “In these days of the Internet and creative crowdsourcing, it’s amazing that someone in Nashville can participate in a project of this scope in Switzerland. I hope to bring some of the energy and spirit behind this project to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation.”

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