VU med school to reduce by 10% incoming class size

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and the Vanderbilt University Medical Center will reduce by 10 percent the number of incoming medical and doctoral students next year by 10 percent, according to university officials. In a blog post (read here), Dr. Jeffrey Balser, the med school's dean, stresses that reducing class size was a decision that was not made based on cost considerations but will, nonetheless, reduce operational costs. VU officials estimate the reduction could mean up to 10 fewer students will enroll than is typical.

Balser writes the following:

And we are reducing our M.D. and Ph.D. matriculating classes by approximately 10 percent. Still similar in size to the classes at the leading private institutions, these modest adjustments will assure we can provide unparalleled student mentoring by a faculty committed to hands-on engagement with students, even as they treat ever-larger numbers of patients, and write ever-larger numbers of applications for research funding.