Earnings wrap: Cumberland, First Acceptance

Drug marketer Cumberland Pharmaceuticals lost $832,000 in its third quarter, reversing a year-ago profit of $1.9 million. Revenues were $6.5 million versus $12.5 million but operating expenses fell just 16 percent to $8.0 million. Through the first nine months of this year, the West End-based company generated just $940,000 in cash flow from operations versus more than $45million in 2012.

Automotive insurer First Acceptance posted a third-quarter profit of $2.1 million. That down from $3.4 million a year earlier but that quarter included more than $3 million in investment gains. The Green Hills company saw its combined ratio — which measures premiums relative to losses and operating expenses — fall to 96.3 percent from 99.9 percent the year before. The company's number of policies in force has climbed almost 7 percent this year to more than 157,000.