Zavitson unveils software targeting music industry

Nashville-based Zavitson Music Group has unveiled software that streamlines service in a single dashboard for managing cataloging, registering, pitching and song revenue collections.

Called MusicPubWorks (MPW), the cloud-based web application merges the creative and business components of the music industry, while providing a high level of user autonomy, the company said in a release.

“MPW was developed by music professionals for music professionals,” said Russ Zavitson, founder of Zavitson Music Group. “Our goal was to build a tool that functions on a variety of levels, from the most comprehensive to the most basic. Regardless of how you are tied to the business, there is something in this software that will make your job easier to perform and help you be more effective performing it.”

Zavitson said the software eliminates redundancy while increasing productivity and activity measurement for industry professionals. Rather than relying on multiple, disparate systems with limited compatibility, MusicPubWorks brings everything onto a single dashboard.

A tiered structure provides both cost-efficiency as well as various levels of engagement respective to a professional’s role and needs within the industry, he said. The software includes custom branding for each user, allowing larger organizations as well as independent songwriters, to maintain brand standards.