REIT exec: Finding real estate getting harder for dollar stores

One of the big drivers of Dollar General's success in recent years has been the addition each year of hundreds of stores across the country. (The company plans to open another 625 this year.) But Dan Hurwitz, CEO of mall owner DDR, said on CNBC's Fast Money Monday that he expects it will become harder for Goodlettsville-based Dollar General and its peers to keep adding stores at the pace they want. A number of big anchor tenants, Hurwitz said, are becoming increasingly insistent on lease clauses that prohibit dollar stores from locating in the same shopping centers.

"That does create a dilemma and it does make it difficult to offer prime real estate to dollar stores," Hurwitz said. "It's gonna have a negative impact on their ability to find the locations they're looking for."

Click here for the video. The discussion of dollar stores starts at about 4:45.

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