More work done on Gulch Crossing site

Last week, survey crews were spotted on the 11th Avenue site slated to be home to the proposed Gulch Crossing office building.

This week, core drilling took place on the massive empty lot.

Something is up, yet developer MarketStreet Enterprises is remaining silent, and clearly serious. You don’t pay to have geological samples taken — in this case courtesy of Tuscaloosa, Ala.-based TTL Inc. — simply to see if your land might offer some interesting rocks.

Announced in October 2011, Gulch Crossing remains a rendering only. But with the recent flourish of activity on the site, one must wonder what MarketStreet’s next move might be. Whether the Gulch master developer is about to disclose an anchor tenant for the proposed building or announce it will begin construction on a spec building or simply continue preliminary site efforts in hopes of full-scale work starting sooner rather than later, we can only guess.

But if we spot erosion barriers next week, we’ll let you know.