BNA contracts with GS&P for deicing fluid effort

The Nashville office of Gresham, Smith and Partners has been contracted to design improvements to the deicing fluid collection and treatment systems at Nashville International Airport (BNA).

The $760,575 contract follows GS&P’s completion of a feasibility study for the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (MNAA), in which the firm identified strategies and technology to improve the effectiveness of BNA’s deicer management system. Deicing fluids are toxic biproducts, in this case derived from airplane operations.

“GS&P has a long-standing relationship with Nashville International Airport, and our team is excited to grow that partnership as we move forward with improvements to their deicer and stormwater management systems,” Michael A. Cochrane, Gresham, Smith and Partners principal, said in a release. “BNA installed a comprehensive deicer management system in the mid-1990s, which served as a model for many other airports in the country. The improvements we plan to implement, based on thorough research completed in our 2012 feasibility study, aim to maintain the airport’s high standards of environmental stewardship and strong reputation in the industry.”

Proposed changes include modified ramp drainage systems to better segregate deicing and non-deicing runoff, optimization of the existing treatment basin and control systems, and more cost-effective management of biosolids. The project also plans to minimize energy and materials consumption and implement several sustainable strategies. Improvements will be implemented in two phases, with the first phase scheduled to complete before the 2013-14 deicing season.