Cumulus launches NASH country lifestyle brand

The honchos at Cumulus Media hinted at it yesterday when they returned country radio to New York. This morning, they released a lot more detail about their plans to launch NASH, a country lifestyle brand that will comprise radio and television programming, a monthly magazine, a website, social media and concerts. Nashville venues look set to play a prominent role in the radio components of the brand's rollout while the magazine will be published by the same Modern Luxury team that puts out other lifestyle titles.

"Country is more than just music -- it's a lifestyle that is rich with content and marketing opportunities because Country is mass appeal and very much underserved in all forms of media,” said Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey. “Cumulus is committed to serving this significant lifestyle segment that stretches from coast-to-coast by creating a full complement of content on the radio, in print, online and on TV."