Williamson ECD buzz reflects fiscal cliff worries

Given its economic development successes, we've long looked at Williamson County as a good barometer of the broader ECD climate. Now it seems like the county's corporate recruitment pipeline also reflects pretty accurately how D.C.'s fiscal mess is affecting corporate ambitions.

Since last October, the overall number of potential projects being tracked by Director Matt Largen and his team hasn't changed much. On the plus side, both the number of jobs and the amount of office space in play have grown by at least 10 percent. But the capital investment dollars that are mulling a Williamson County destination — $124 million now versus $332 million last fall — serve as the starket anecdotal evidence we've seen so far about just how much CEOs are tightening the spending reins ahead of the fiscal cliff.

It's also worth noting that the growing buzz around Nashville's tech scene appears to be reaching a wider audience: Nine IT projects are on Williamson's radar, three times the year-ago number. (See news of Compass Datacenters' big local plans.)