Forestar site reveals clues as to redevelopment of Westmont Apartments site

FMF Westmont LLC, the buyer of West End Park’s Westmont Apartments, is declining to provide information regarding any plans for redevelopment of the approximately 3.6-acre site for which it recently paid $11.5 million.

However, a quick look at the website of Forestar Group Inc., which shares the same address as FMF Westmont LLC, reveals the Austin, Texas-based company (shares of which are traded on the New York Stock Exchange) has undertaken via various LLCs a handful of new projects, primarily in Texas, and opts for a fairly contemporary design aesthetic.

Developments include Denver 360 (pictured above), Cedar Hill in suburban Dallas, Eleven in downtown Austin and Broadstone in Houston, which is pictured below. (See the buildings here.)

Forestar Group is focuses on commercial real estate, minerals and fiber. The company owns hundreds of thousands of acreage in eight states and 12 markets. Holdings include timberland, oil, gas and water.