12South Flats ready to roll

Hill Realty and Southeast Venture's four-story 12South Flats project, which will comprise 90 apartments and ground-floor retail, will begin work April 2 with expected completion next summer, according to an email sent by Hill chief Jimmy Granbery to the project's neighbors.

Highlights of the letter:

• The fourth floor of the building will be set back from the first three to reduce the visual impact of the structure.

• "The majority of the parking for the project will be located behind the building which will be ‘pushed’ forward to the street to encourage pedestrian traffic for our retail tenants and provide a more enjoyable, walk-able experience for the neighborhood," Granbery wrote. "This will be accomplished through a wider sidewalk (8’ vs. the existing 5’) and areas that will include street trees and parallel parking spaces. By voluntarily deeding a portion of our land to new right-of-way, we worked with Public Works and Planning to accommodate a more pedestrian-friendly streetscape within our commercial district."

• The apartments will be primarily one-bedroom, similarly sized to those in Midtown and The Gulch and priced to attract so-called renters-by-choice, especially catering to grad students and others at Belmont and Lipscomb.

• "Our retail will be approximately 9,800 square feet — large enough for a nice-sized, ‘sit-down’ restaurant with outdoor seating and as well as one small eatery and multiple retailers," Granbery wrote. "The parking for the retail will be surface parking located behind the building. Patrons will be able to access the front by walking through a common area corridor running through the middle of the building as well as around the north end of the building. We currently have no leases for this space and will begin to actively market the project in the coming weeks."