'An Inconsistent Truth' stays No. 1

For the second straight week, An Inconsistent Truth — Nashville-based talk radio host Phil Valentine's global warming documentary — is the nation’s top-grossing movie per screen.

Though the documentary grossed only $36,439 for the week, its average per-screen figure was a strong $12,176. At No. 2 ($11,769) was W.E., a romantic drama directed by Madonna that focuses on the affair between King Edward VIII and American divorcée Wallis Simpson.

View the full numbers here.

Valentine’s film has caught the attention of various national entities. For example, film industry website IndieWire said An Inconsistent Truth "inexplicably continued to do solid business in its second weekend."

“It’s amusing to watch the consternation of those who don't want this message out there," Valentine said of the Hollywood head-scratching.  "I believe this is one of the only movies, if not the only movie, that tells the other side that has actually made it to theaters. The truth is loose and they don't quite know what to make of it."

Showing in only one theater do date (Nashville's Regal Hollywood 27), An Inconsistent Truth rolls out to more theaters this week in Nashville and opens at the Malco Cordova Theaters in the Memphis market on Friday, Feb. 17, before moving on to wider distribution. Valentine will be on hand for the Memphis premiere, as will the film's centerpiece, Bennie the BioBenz, a restored 1985 Mercedes-Benz that Valentine runs on biodiesel.

The Phil Valentine Showis heard on more than 110 radio stations across the country.